Simple Homemade Shrimp Chowder Recipe

It's Simple!

Recently I had the pleasure of working with one of the best amateur chefs I have ever met, Katie Riesbeck. The last week I worked with her she brought in a great batch of Shrimp Chowder and was kind enough to pass along the recipe. I used it for a party at my home and everyone seemed to enjoy the chowder so I’m paying my good fortune forward.

The recipe itself is very easy to execute and is made with ingredients that you can find at a common grocery like Wal-Mart.

Shrimp – 1lb of medium pre-cooked Chachere's Creole Seasoningpeeled tail-off
Cream of Potato Soup – 2 10oz cans
Skim Milk – 2.5 Cups
Neufchâtel Cheese – 1 Block cubed
Butter – Half Stick
Yukon Gold Potatos – 2 diced
Frozen Corn – 1 small bag
Green Onions – 2 diced
Garlic Cloves – 2 minced
Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning – 2 tsp to taste
Cayenne Pepper – .25 tsp to taste

After dicing green onions, garlic cloves, and potatoes add to a large pot with butter and melt over medium heat. Soften mixture, but do not let the potatoes brown. Add in the potato soup and skim milk.

Take your cubes of Neufchâtel Cheese and add them to the chowder; Neufchâtel is very similar to cream cheese but is lower in fat and slightly firmer. You may use cream cheese if Neufchâtel is unavailable, they should be faced together at your grocer. Resist the temptation to turn up the heat to melt the cheese, rather allow the cheese to melt slowly and stir often. Do not allow the chowder to come to a boil at any time, it will ruin the taste. Stir often. Once the cheese has melted add shrimp, corn, pepper, and creole seasoning then turn the heat to medium-low just above simmer. Not being a big corn-in-chowder fan I used a single small bag for a double batch. Put a lid on your pot and let it cook for 30 minutes while stirring often.

Doubling this recipe will fill a normal sized crockpot nicely. I prefer to serve with slices of french bread because as the chowder thickens it begs for dipping.

I can’t speak directly to the nutritional value of the meal; however, we do pay attention to our sodium intake at our household and I have to believe that this is a relatively healthy option in that aspect as it is a rare chowder that is tasty enough not to require a sprinkling of salt.

Thanks Katie!


Special thanks to my good friend, Kim. She made the recipe herself and did the math on sodium. It turns out that each cup has 636mg of sodium which is above the recommended level; this effectively changes the recipe from a smart tasty choice to a guilty pleasure.